We offer Yahoo Auction proxy bidding service. Only Japanese speaking people are allowed to use Yahoo Auction. Japanese, in general, will not deal with people who do not speak Japanese, and most of them will not ship outside of Japan. There is also a problem with payment, because the most common way of payment is the money transfer between Japanese banks. We will place a bid on your behalf at Yahoo Auction, receive the item at our warehouse in Kobe and send it to you.

How to make a purchase

Choose the item you want, make a note of the auction ID. You can use online translation services to translate Yahoo Auction pages (Google, Excite, Babelfish). We recommend Google:

Google translation of Yahoo Auctions

If in doubt, please contact us and we will help. Remember, we are not responsible for your misunderstanding of the Japanese in your auction.

You don't have to have an account on Yahoo Auction to bid. Even if the seller doesn't ship internationally, you can still bid.

To place a bid, you have to fill out the order form. Then you will need to put a deposit down. The deposit amount is equal to your maximum bid. We accept Paypal and credit cards payments (Mastercard, Visa, etc.).

After winning your Yahoo auction we will use the deposit to pay for the item. If you get outbid, we will return your deposit. Or, you can use it for a bid on another auction. Be sure to use the same email address when filling out the order form.

Shipping & Handling

After your item is received at our warehouse, you can request a shipping to your home country. We ship per your request so that you may combine items in one package. We can hold items for up to a one month before shipping is required (except large items like car parts). If you need to hold the item more than one month, please contact us by email.

Items will be ready for shipping within 3-4 days of your request. You will receive an invoice, please follow the instructions in email. After you deposit money for shipping expenses we will ship the package to your country. Item arrival depends on your shipping method and your country.